Your Vessel’s Virtual Assistant
The AI tool that makes accessing information in shipping simple and efficient.
Old Problem,
New Solution.
Finding the right information shouldn’t be a time consuming challenge. We use AI to solve the age-old maritime problem of information accessibility, increasing safety, efficiency and compliance.
Accurate, Verifiable & Reliable
Sealenic makes the tedious and complicated search for information easy. Serving as a virtual assistant, seafarers and offshore teams can ask any question on HSEQ, safety and nautical topics and receive a comprehensible and reliable answer, including details of the relevant sources of information for easy verification.
Revolutionising Maritime Information Management
We’ve built an information retrieval and management platform that is trained specifically on maritime knowledge, HSEQ, evolving maritime rules and regulations from a wide range of sources. Sealenic safely processes private company data and provides answers that are fully compliant with company rules.
Driving Operational Excellence
Sealenic enables operational teams onboard and offshore to focus on the most valuable parts of their jobs. Empowering crew by making seagoing safer and more efficient for teams on and off the vessel, accelerating and simplifying complex work processes.
Built to Learn With You
Instant Answers
Instant answers to safety, HSEQ, and nautical questions, reducing search times and optimising operations.
Personalized Content
Sealenic always prioritises company rules, ensuring full compliance
Always On
Essential offline access for uninterrupted operations.
An intuitive interface that guarantees ease of use.
Data Security
Your data stays private. Sealenic never shares company data with any third parties.
Safety First
Sealenic reduces the risk of adverse incidents, enabling your team to uphold the highest safety and compliance standards.
Digital Partner
Sealenic learns from each interaction becoming an increasingly valuable asset to your organisation.
Empower Crew
Equip your team with efficient tools for better problem-solving and operational excellence.
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